D3D FSAAViewer

by Colourless

What is it?

D3D FSAA Viewer is a tool to examine the Antialiasing sampling pattern used by 3D Accelerator cards.


D3D FSAAViewer 5.4 55 KB - DX9 Only

D3D FSAAViewer 5.2 206 KB - DX9 Only

D3D FSAAViewer 5 205 KB - DX9 Only

D3D FSAAViewer 4 224 KB - DX8 and DX9

D3D FSAAViewer 3 51 KB - DX8 Only

D3D FSAAViewer 2 48 KB - DX8 Only

D3D FSAAViewer 1 48 KB - DX8 Only

D3DX9 August 2005 (27) 1.4MB - Download and install only if FSAA Viewer fails to run and you get a D3DX9 error

How It works

In words D3D FSAA Viwer works by drawing regulrarly spaced subpixel sized quads that are fractionally more than a single pixel apart.

For the geometry mode the quads are made out of 2 triangles, and the texture mode the quads are a region in a texture.

The following two images shows how D3D FSAAViewer works. The image represents a 'zoomed' in view of the boxes that D3D FSAAViewer draws if it was running using a 8x8 grid and 1/4 point size.
The blue boxes represents pixel edges.
The yellow squares represent the quads that D3D FSAAViewer draws.
The red dots are the pixel sampling positions used by the graphics card.
The green filled regions are the pixels that are drawn on screen.

No FSAA Example 4x FSAA Example

Other stuff

While I give away D3D FSAAViewer free for anyuse, I would appreciate any donations via PayPal you'd like to give for using this software, especially if you are using D3D FSAAViewer for commercial purposes.

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