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3dfx Glidexp Project

Glidexp is a project to use the Glide3 sources that were released for Linux, and to get them to compile under Windows. This is to allow me to find and fix or bypass the problems that are causing Glide and OpenGL applications to cause system crashes under Windows XP.

I believe that Glidexp is functional to the level that would warrant an experimental release. Glide3 applications can now be run without issue under Windows XP. OpenGL applications (including Windowed) also function correctly. A full list of changes is in a section below.

Some level of Glide2 support is also included. At this stage it is still a work in progress and as such isn't 100% compatible with all applications yet.

Also now included is the GxpOGL ICD Interceptor. GxpOGL is designed to fix/work around problem with the 3dfx 761 ICD. Eventually there are plans to add new Extensions. WGL_ARB_multisample is an example of an extension that I'm planning to add sometime in the future.

3dfx Glidexp Project for x64

Glidexp Project for x64 is an effort to get old Voodoo Graphics and Voodoo 2 cards functional under WindowsXP x64 so Glide can be used with old games under Wow64.



Glidexp, the Glide 2 Translator and GxpOGL are all released under the terms of the "3DFX GLIDE Source Code General Public License." Read the COPYING file for the details.

Glidexp x64 is release as is without a license. If there are future versions of Glidexp x64 they will probably be released under the "3DFX GLIDE Source Code General Public License." as linked above.


Glidexp Latest Release

The lastest and Final Glidexp release is Build 1016. This was released on 15th March 2003. It now includes GxpOGL and the 761 ICD.

Download Binaries: (710 kb)

Download Source ZIP: glidexp_build1016_src.rar (766 kb)

Previous releases are available on request. Just email me and ask for the build (public releases only).

NOTE : If you don't know what to do with the DLL's you probably *SHOULDN'T* be using GlideXP. Anyway, what you do with the files is install some standard 3dfx drivers for your card. WinXP users install Windows 2000 drivers. You then copy the DLLs from the binary zip file into your Windows System dir for Win9x users or your Windows System32 dir for Win2K and WinXP users.

Most applications use Glide2x. The OpenGL ICD and WickedGL use Glide3x.


Glidexp x64 Latest Release

Thie current Glidexp x64 release is Build 1121. This was released on 16th September 2006. Glidexp x64 binary releases are a complete driver kit and include an INF file. Install them via the "Update Driver" option in the "Device Manager".

It is advised you read the Readme file first, and pay attention to the Known Issues section before installing.

New Readme for Voodoo 1: glidexp_x64_1121_v1.txt (8 kb)

New Download Binaries For Voodoo 1: (360 kb)


Glidexp Special Downloads

Here are a list of special download of programs that have been optimized for use with GlideXP:

FreeSpace 2 for GlideXP 1016 (15th March 2003): Download fs2gxp.rar  (1037 kb)

FSAASelector for GlideXP (7th January 2003): Binary (72 kb) - Source (35 kb)


Glidexp Revision History

16th September 2006

Glidexp x64 Build 1121

15th September 2006

Glidexp x64 First Release Build 1120

15th March 2003

Glidexp Final Release Build 1016

20th January 2003

Public Experimental Release Build 1015

7th January 2003

Public Experimental Release Build 1014

7th October 2002

Public Experimental Release Build 1013

4th September 2002

Public Experimental Release Build 1012

3rd September 2002

Public Experimental Release Build 1011

16th July 2002

Public Experimental Release Build 1010

31st March 2002

Public Experimental Release Build 1007

28th December 2001

Public Experimental Release Build 1006

23rd December 2001

Public Experimental Release Build 1005

22nd December 2001

Public Experimental Release Build 1004

20th December 2001

Private Experimental Release Build 1003

18th December 2001

Private Experimental Release Build 1002

14th December 2001

Initial (Private) Experimental Release Build 1001


Glidexp Known Issues

Glidexp General Problems

Glidexp Game/Application Specific Problems

Glidexp Bug Reporting

If possible, please report all problems with games to me. My contact details are written at the bottom of this document.


Glidexp Source Code

Compiling the sources requires MSVC6 Service Pack 5, The Processor Pack (for MASM) and the Windows 98 DDK. Just load the "glide3x.dsw" workspace in MSVC6 and that should be it. Choose the correct configuration for Glide3x, Glide2x or GxpOGL.

The FxASM and Gendate projects will automatically generate some files that are required to build the sources.


Contact Details

Name: Ryan Nunn (Colourless)
ICQ: 9421058

If you use and like Glidexp I'd appreciante any donation you'd like to give me for my time