I’m the Monochrome Wench. I’m a programmer. I’m a wench. I’m a little bit crazy.

After years on the Internet I’ve decided to get my own Vanity Domain. I was surprised it was even possible to get a domain such as wenchy.net that so totally suits me.

This blog is pretty much just going to be the place where I put anything interesting for other people to see. There is probably not going to be much ‘social commentary’ from me cause that’s not what I do, we’ll see though. I really can’t say what things will look like once I start putting up content.

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  1. Hey there, do you still have a Voodoo 6000?

  2. Yes and no. I lent it to a friend to use years ago and haven’t asked for it back.

  3. Greetings! My name is Kayla, and I work for Curse.com. Currently we are trying to integrate Bethesda games, most notably Skyrim, into our Curse client, which is used by millions for easy one-click installs of addons and mods for games like World of Warcraft and Rift. We’ve also got addon/mod discovery through our client. 🙂

    We were curious if you’d like to work with us to integrate your Skyrim 4gb patch into our client, as this is something that truly helps users get the most out of their Skyrim experience. If you’d be interested in assisting with this, please contact me at kbrousard@curse.com 🙂 We’d love to work with you.

  4. Do you take bug report for ssplayer?

    That “new FileDataSource (xmidifile)” in randgen.cpp, line 433 definitely ought to be “new FileDataSource (fileout)”.

    Still, the provided binary seems to work fine. Somehow, your compiler figured out what you meant 😉

    (gcc did not, which is how i catched it).

  5. Since you’re a wench, does this mean that I can hire you to do my programming/sexual favours/both at the same time?

  6. Hmmm… no. I already have someone else needing such things. 😛

  7. How strange… file might be out of date.

  8. Interesting idea. Source code to Skyrim4GB is freely avaiable under the LGPL license so you could integrate it into your own program if you wanted. However I am not particularly interested in helping other people working with my sources. I don’t really have enough time to do it as well as everything else I need to do.

  9. Any plans on updating the ssplayer?
    It is still the only good way to play the Sytem Shock music 🙂

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