ME3 Coalesced Utility


The ME3 Coalesced Utility allows you to open the Coalesced.bin file that comes with Mass Effect 3. This tool should work with Mass Effect 3 Legendary Edition too according to user reports. The latest version now supports editing and saving the file. The utility will make a backup of any file loaded (filename.bin.original).

Current Version
1.2 – Supports adding and renaming items in the tree

Previous Versions:
1.1 – Supports editing

1.0 – Doesn’t support editing

.net Framework 4 (Client Profile) is needed. Download it here.

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  2. Ive been getting “incorrect header magic” error’s. Any thoughts?

  3. Can I have your source code please? I’m a professional .NET programmer and would like to make some very minor tweaks to the interface. 🙂

    In case you would rather keep it closed, I simply wanted to add a row count to the settings with “(multiple)” values as well as the ability to select the entire table and export/import values. For example, I would like the ability to skip any movie, so I wanted to add all the values for movie files not already in the list; unless there is an easier way to accomplish this. 😛

  4. Hi there, I’ve been using your editor and the game crashes, it starts up okay but when you get to the many menu it crashes. Ive noticed that the file size is also larger then the original one. Please help.

  5. Good tool, I’m trying to make similar.
    Remember you can delete value with Ctrl+Delete

  6. I can’t get the the tool to open my coalesced. It says “unhandled exception has occured in your application.” Access to the path ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Bioware\Mass Effect 3\BIOGame\CookedPCConsole\Coalesced.bin.original’ is denied

    Can someone please tell me what’s wrong?

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  8. C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Mass Effect 3\BIOGame\CookedPCConsole

    Thats the file to look in, If you have Win 7 64bit

    (I dunno if you can have me3 w/o origin)

  9. I keep on getting incorrect header magic, has anyone found a fix for that error? I have both net framework 4 and the .bin file with an unchecked “read only”.


  10. Hi guys,

    I’m curious if anyone knows of a way to view/edit the coalesced on iOS or Android? I’ve searched online numerous times, but not a single search result has turned up. This leads me to reason there isn’t currently a solution, yet I thought it probably wouldn’t hurt to ask..

    Thanks much,

    Seattle, WA

  11. Hey friends, I was wondering if anyone knew how to increase biotic/tech power damage using mods in ME3. I was able to do so in ME2 using Gibbs save editor, by putting high values in tech/biotic power unlocks. Also i was able to increase shepards health to 25k and sheild to 25k.

    I wanted to do the same in ME3 but havnt found a way yet.

    PS: I know about god mode (console command) but i dont want that, i want insane biotic damage and insane health….

  12. Quick Question, How can I change my pistol into a flamethrower. I’ve used the same basic scripts and stats. But I don’t know how to change the pistol bullet into a flame and allow it to continuously consume ammo. Thoughts? Thanks for the help~

  13. Hey I tried using your program to mod the coalesced, and it didn’t work. I was working on one of the many modded coalesced files out there, because some of the outfits didn’t end up showing up (some entries don’t even give a body) and I wanted to fix that.

    After a lot of experimenting, I realized I could delete the entire coalesced.bin file and the game still works, and it’s still modded giving me the extra outfits, but not all the ones that I’m suppose to get. Help?

  14. hi,
    like luis i get “incorrect header magic” everytime i try to open the coalesced file.

    im on windows xp !

  15. I have not checked in here for a while since I thought it was getting boring, but the last few posts are good quality so I guess I’ll add you back to my daily bloglist. You deserve it my friend ebdddedeagaa

  16. Thus, a tool for Crysis 3 would be the best

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  19. […] to incorporate your edits into the ThaneMOD version of the file. Open both files side-by-side in Wenchy, then copy+paste the relevant entries. To save yourself the trouble, simply use ThaneMOD […]

  20. Errors are likely from admin privileges made by default in program files,just doesnt give you a notice of it. Copy the .bin file from cooked folder to the desktop or somewehre and try.

  21. I have seen several people working on the Coalesced.bin for Mass Effect 3 to try and activate the xbox controller. Has anyone activated partial support where the game doesnt lock up (example: a pop up appears and player can’t exit because the mouse icon is there but doesn’t do anything) I downloaded one from a blog and don’t remember it. They had found a way to activate several gui files to make it appear like the xbox version. However, when i tried to exit pop-ups, it wouldnt work. I wouldnt mind having impartial support as long as I can fight. If i lose, keyboard and mouse support, i dont mind that as long as I can play the game.

  22. im having trouble getting this to to work iv followd the instructions for resizing the hud and its not making any diff in game hud remains the same small size… what i did. opend the program and browesd to open the Coalesced.bin navigated to [biogame.ini > sfxgame > biohud] safearearatiox=0.05 safearearatioy=0.05 and changed the 0.5 values to 0.10. saved exited…not working..what am i doing wrong. please help me

  23. I know this is unlikely.. but
    Any chance you could add exporting and importing for the tables?

  24. Thank you

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  26. […] The Coalesced.bin for Mass Effect 3 is no longer a text file and you need tools to open them. So far I found 2 ways to do that the original Mass Effect 3 Coalesced.bin Tool by Rick or the newer more convenient GUI based ME3 Coalesced Utility by Monochrome Wench. […]

  27. Incorrect header here as well, but only when I try to open the X360 version of coalesced. Works perfectly on the PC version of coalesced. Any insight?

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  29. Hi , this tool is perfect for the main coalesced.bin , it does work even for the coalesced.bin of the DLC ? i ask because if it works , then i made something wrong : i mod the file named ” dlc default etc…” , but the modification still don’t have any effect on the game :\

  30. If anyone is curious, the utility works on ME3:LE

  31. Cool. Don’t have LE yet so its nice to Know it works.

  32. Are you going to update this for the Legendary Edition? LE1 and LE2 Please Do.

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