Jan 292012

I have a new Age Gate module for Drupal 7. Its called new age gate. It uses css and javascript to do its magic and is SEO and static page cache friendly. This new module also has a number of configuration options that you can set in the Drupal admin interface so you don’t need to edit the module to change what it says.

New Age Gate Readme
New Age Gate module

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  1. <3 to RumpledElf from #drupal-support for pointing me here, and thanks to you for posting this.

    I feel this is a much more elegant solution than what I was provided (old D6 module from client poorly ported to D7 that just didn't work well!) Hopefully the client will like this better as well.

  2. Hi,

    Sorry to post something semi-unrelated but I was wondering about your module Read More Control. Is it relatively stable for use? I’m doing some site work for an organization and they’d like to be able to hide the read more link when there’s not actually more to read. I haven’t seen another module that can do that.


  3. It (read more control module) should be relatively stable, BUT honestly I make no guarentees about it. I made the module for Drupal 7.0 with no other modules. Newer versions of Drupal and other modules may cause issues with it that I don’t know about. If you were going to use it test thoroughly.

  4. Related to the Read More Control. Watching the webmasters queue is painfully slow. Would you like me to take over and push Read more control into a full project?

  5. Hi, I was wondering if you are considering adding this module to the modules over at drupal.org? I want to use the module on my website (for a brewery) but this site will be in Dutch. I would like to translate the module but also would like the translation to be available to all other Drupal users (plus other services as unit testing and security auditing). If you are not willing to do this yourself do you give permission to host your code on drupal.org?

    Best regards,

  6. just what i was looking for *.*

  7. hi
    i got some strange behavior. the age gate block appears but still all other content from views and front page is still visible.
    can you help me out?

  8. oh nvw i set the main content block to work only for some specific content types, so it was not hidden in any other view mode 😛

  9. I left a message on the old module, then I found this new one. So, nevermind. 🙂

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